Casbay Data Center

Casbay offers multiple networks with different SLA with up to 99.999% uptime. We utilize equipment of the highest standard. In fact, Casbay’s infrastructure provides an advanced and highly scalable network, as well as top-notch network management and protection.


Casbay Data Center is one of the leading Data Center Infrastructure Management Service providers for business who require high quality of data center infrastructure to support their business-critical applications. Moreover, Casbay is centered to provide high reliability, availability and serviceability facilities to meet the demands of today’s most competitive.

Data Center Features

Sophisticated Detection Techniques

Built-in attack profiles, statistical and behavioural analysis methods to quickly identify attacks in progress.

Anti-DDoS Protection

With the help of our built-in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation services, our premium network is able to absorb the DDoS attack before it reaches your server.

Advanced Monitoring Network System

Scrutinises network traffic in real-time to identify anomalies, quarantines attack packets and blocks malicious traffic.

Clean Pipe Network

Our premium network cleans all internet traffic, spam and viruses without you incurring capital expenditure on hardware. Rest assured that your data is clean and secured.

Higher Burstable Level

In addition, our premium network allows you to burst your bandwidth up to 10 times more than a normal network. You get 100% of what you paid for!

100% Bandwidth Utilisation

Our system eliminates threats and ensures clean traffic, which is why you get the optimal utilization of bandwidth that you purchase.

Casbay Singapore Data Center

Casbay Singapore Data Center is a single-tenant, free standing Tier III facility, certified by Uptime Institute, within its own secure compound. Besides, this facility is designed to comply with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s stringent security guidelines for data centers that independent, third party Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) confirms.

With maximum 10 kVA power density, Casbay Singapore Data Center is ideal for customers with high-power and high-availability requirements. Hence, offering them a conveniently located carrier-neutral facility with access to round-the-clock support from data center experts.

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Casbay Malaysia Data Center

Casbay Malaysia Data Center is supported by multiple backbones of Tier III ISPs, allowing global reach, 99.98% availability and fantastic QOS. At present, we are in the progress of upgrading our facilities to the highest level, Tier IV. Furthermore, we are the only IP transit service in Malaysia that provide SLAs. We’re connected to major destinations worldwide and with good latency, and an estimated of 0.01% packet loss rate across the network.

In addition, the various environmental aspects of the data center including power, cooling, fire suppression and security are looked after by a central management system. The Casbay Malaysia Data Center NOC monitors this system 24x7x365.

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Round the clock 24/7 technical support

We don’t sleep, so we’re here 24/7/365 to hold your hand and walk you through your IT dilemmas. Count on us to give you expert help when you need it most. Moreover, every single distress call that you make to Casbay Data Centers will be answered by a qualified and experienced support staff any time of the day or night. Rest assured, you won’t be speaking to a machine. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us for anything at all!