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Stable & Optimized SSD VPS.

Guaranteed Server Resources ● Fast, Stable and Reliable ● Cost Efficient compared to other hosting plans

Faster and smoother website experience for customers

You are given the hosting resources similar to a dedicated server with Casbay Linux VPS so no one will be sharing server resources with you. Enjoy the 100% access and control over your own virtual server that allows you to have a high level server configuration to fit any website and application. Furthermore, high performance and blazing fast SSD Drives are able to give your website visitors a smooth and pleasant website experience.

Enjoy Dedicated Resources with KVM VPS Hosting

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a visualization mechanism that offers a isolated environment where all the RAM and disk resources are dedicated to one user, therefore it acts like a “mini dedicated server”. Additionally, it allows you to set maximum and minimum values to your resources to deliver better performance with lower requirements on the hypervisor.

Standard Linux SSD VPS Plans


Casbay cheap Linux VPS Hosting is backed with full SSD storage dedicated solely to you, our virtual private server hosting gives you the flexibility and control to build exactly the website you want. Our high speed SSD Drive and redundant storage in the Cloud Linux VPS, combining the most advanced innovations and resources of VPS and cloud technology. Fulfill your business needs with the simplicity, security, and reliability of our SSD VPS. It not only improves your performance, but also reduces your costs.

SSD VPS 1 Linux

As low as

S$8.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 2 Linux

As low as

S$18.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 4 Linux

As low as

S$40.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 8 Linux

As low as

S$82.00 Monthly

Features in Linux VPS Server Hosting Singapore


Easily scale up your operations and server anytime with additional VPS Hosting resources or storage space whenever you require.

Complete Control

You’re in charge with server root (administrative) access to install PHP, modules, firewall, and much more. Leave all the technical stuff to us so that you can focus on your business and development.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is ready 24/7. We will monitor your server performance constantly especially during traffic spike. Contact us anytime via Email, Live Chat or Phone Call and we will solve your problems swiftly!

Ultra-Fast SSD

Our Linux virtual private server is powered by enterprise-grade solid state drives (SSDs) to optimize your server and application performance.

Advanced Linux SSD VPS Plans

SSD VPS 12 Linux

As low as

S$126.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 16 Linux

As low as

S$162.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 32 Linux

As low as

S$304.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 64 Linux

As low as

S$586.00 Monthly


What is Linux VPS Hosting ?

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server is a web hosting service which hosted in dedicated server with a ‘partition resources’. VPS hosting runs on virtualised operating system by partitioning a dedicated server’s resources. Linux VPS is a virtual server that runs on Linux Operating Systems.

Where is my server hosted ?

Your Linux Virtual server hosting will be hosted in Casbay Singapore Data Center, the award-winning data centre.

More Info:
Casbay Singapore Data Center

Who should buy Linux VPS ?

If you are looking for a hosting solution that offers the affordability of shared hosting with the power and performance of dedicated hosting, you should try our cheap VPS server Linux VPS Hosting.

Is backup service provided in VPS Hosting Singapore ?

Free backup service is not provided. You may add on Disaster Recovery (Veeam) during sign up if you require backup service.

How do I migrate my shared web hosting data to VPS Hosting ?

If you’re currently an Casbay cPanel shared hosting customer, you can contact us for migration. We also provide a paid migration service for those who are not. Otherwise, we could also leave it to you to migrate your data and applications onto the VPS and reconfigure the DNS on your own.

What OS templetes do you offer ?

We offer Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and CentOS for Linux VPS. In addition, you can add on control panel for your server management.