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Linux VPS plans

Our cheap Singapore Linux Hosting price comes with High IOPS and high availability to boost your business performance. With Casbay’s best VPS Linux  hosting, you are allocated with the hosting resources similar to a dedicated server and you will not be sharing server resources with anyone else. Moreover, SSD Drives allow your website visitors to have a smooth and pleasant experience. We create one of the most advanced Linux VPS server platforms powered by Kernel Based Virtual Machine (KVM), through combination of the latest generation of Dell Enterprise Grade and RAID-60 arrays of high-performance SSD disks with our bespoke systems.

SSD VPS 1 Linux

As low as

S$8.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 2 Linux

As low as

S$18.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 3 Linux

As low as


SSD VPS 4 Linux

As low as


SSD VPS 5 Linux

As low as

S$50.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 6 Linux

As low as

S$62.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 7 Linux

As low as

S$72.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 8 Linux

As low as

S$82.00 Monthly

Linux Advanced SSD VPS Plans

SSD VPS 12 Linux

As low as

S$126.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 16 Linux

As low as

S$162.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 20 Linux

As low as

S$198.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 24 Linux

As low as

S$232.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 32 Linux

As low as

S$304.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 48 Linux

As low as

S$333.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 64 Linux

As low as

S$586.00 Monthly