Dedicated Server Management

Dedicated Server Management
Leave the Dedicated server management to us & enjoy peace of mind.

In Casbay, we are the experts in offering dedicated, top-gear hosting for high-end workloads. We operate from data centers located directly at Internet Exchange (IX) to provide you with the fastest possible data throughput and ping times. Our Managed Dedicated Hosting Services Plans include support of a strong team of engineers and system architects every day without failure. Moreover, we offer the full Managed Dedicated Hosting service on your hosting solution. This is because it ensures the smooth running of your server. Therefore, save cost of hiring additional headcount and rely on our expert technical engineers to make sure that your server is always optimum.

- Dedicated Server Management
SmartHand Services

Get our professional technical team to assist you on troubleshooting and 3rd party software installation. *charged by task(s)


Product Disclaimers

  1. OS Hardening service and Mod_Security apply to CentOS Linux with cPanel only.
  2. Free support for installation, patching, and version updating to third party applications is not provided.
  3. OS installation, custom component installation and server tuning are performed only one time during initial setup.
  4. Data migration is performed only one time upon request.
  5. cPanel and LAMP services support apply to CentOS Linux with cPanel only. The cPanel initial setup, cPanel hardening, LAMP installation and tuning are performed only one time during initial setup.
  6. cPanel Backup setup is done only one time during initial setup, subject to disk space available.
  7. Veeam Disaster Recovery Backup offers daily backup from 14 days to 60 days retention, depends on subscription plan you choose. Restoration of an effective backup depends on available up to date copies of the data being held on Veeam Disaster Recovery Backup server.
  8. For more detailed information about our dedicated servers, kindly visit our dedicated server plan.