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How can I access MS SQL 2000?

Last modified: October 1, 2022
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How can I access MS SQL 2000?

 There are 2 ways to access the MS SQL 2000 database:

  • Access MS SQL 2000 of Enterprise Manager web client.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (MSSQLMSE).

This article will guide you to access MS SQL 2000 via Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express (MSSQLMSE)

Note: You need to download the application at Microsoft Download Center before we start. Once you have the application installed, please follow the steps below:

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Firstly, download Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

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Secondly, Install the application by following the wizard on your local PC laptop.

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After that, once the installation is complete, open the application and choose

Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2000 > SQL Server Management Studio Express

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Then, enter details as below:

Server type: Database Engine
Server name: (IP address of MSSQL server – please see activation form)
Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
Username: (MSSQL username – please see activation form)
Password: (MSSQL user password – please see activation form)

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Then click ‘Connect’.

However, if you are now connected to the database which you can use it to manage tables, queries, settings, and much more by using this client’s tools. You can also read the article: Connect Microsoft SQL 2000 Database by Using Enterprise Manager

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