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Why would I exceed my bandwidth limit in cPanel?

Last modified: September 30, 2022
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Why would I exceed my bandwidth limit in cPanel?

There might be a few things that can cause your website to exceed your monthly bandwidth:

  1. You may be exceeding your bandwidth limits due to high volume of visits to your website as specially if you have your website image and media intensive.

  2. Web attacks may happen to your websites. This means that someone could be sending hits to your site with a program, to use up its bandwidth so that site will be unavailable. (This is called a “denial of service” attack)

What can I do when I exceed my limit?

When you have access to cPanel only, you can contact your web hosting provider, and ask if you can upgrade your bandwidth. Otherwise, you need to wait for bandwidth renewal in new month.

If you have access to WHM control panel, you can go to: WHM >> Account Functions >> Limit Bandwidth Usage to set a higher bandwidth limit.
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