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Prevent Spamming in WordPress’s Comments

Last modified: October 1, 2022
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Prevent Spamming in WordPress’s Comments

Unfortunately, nowadays, comment spam is a fact of life on the internet. It can be exhilarating to see those new comments show up on your blog. However, that excitement often instantly disappears when you see inappropriate replies to your content. These replies are also known as “spam”. The dictionary defines it as- irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of user. 

If you choose to enable comments on your website, you will surely have to deal with spammers. To prevent your site from making an awful first impression, you’ll need to find a way to stop comment spam.

While you may never be able to eliminate spam entirely, what you can do a lot is to slow the spamming process. For WordPress users, there are plenty of simple tweaks you can perform. These tweaks will block or hide these comments before your visitors see them. Besides that, you can even use a robust anti-spam plugin to tighten your defenses.

In this post, we’ll show how you can stop comment spam on your WordPress site. Let’s take a look!
Please follow these instructions if you want to prevent spam in WordPress’s Comments:
1)  Disable the Comments option in both “Pages” and “Posts”.
Go to –> Pages –> All Pages –> Tick All Pages –> Drop down the “bulk option” –> Choose “Edit” –> Click Apply. –> Go to Comments option –> Drop down and choose “Do Not Allow” and Click Update.
Repeat the same option for “Post”.
2)  Install plugin called “No Page Comment” and/or “Akismet“.
For details on how to use, you may refer from the 3rd party Guide as provided by the software provider.
Please get back to us if you have any further concerns or queries about this method.
Thank you.
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