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Prevent Spamming in cPanel

Last modified: September 30, 2022
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How To Prevent Spamming in cPanel

SpamAssassin & Spam Filter

SpamAssassin (SA) has preinstalled in both cPanel and Plesk and has integrated into the local mail server. SA will scans all incoming email and rates them on various factors. If the rating exceeds the spam score, the email is marked as spam or deleted, where the spam score is adjustable based on your preferences.

Both cPanel and Plesk also offer other filters, so you can redirect or even delete emails based on keywords.
To enable SA in cPanel:

  1. Firstly, login to cPanel.

  2. Next, click on SpamAssassin under Mail section to enable it.

  3. Choose to auto-delete mail, or auto-add a prefix to suspect messages.

  4. Lastly, use either the Global Mail Filters or Mail Filters, add keyword-based filtering if you need.

Enable DKIM & SPF

Go to cPanel –> Mail –> Email Authentication

Enable following Option:

a)  DKIM –> Set as “Enable”After you have enabled it, you should get  “Status: Enabled and Active (DNS Check Passed)”

b) SPF –> Set as “Enable”Once you have enabled it, you should get “Status: Enabled and Active (DNS Check Passed)”

Disable catchall email

Catch-all or catchall is the domain default email account that will accept all messages to non-existing accounts on a server. Enabling catchall email can wastes your server space, consume computing power like CPU and RAM, and allow malware onto system.

We hope this article helped you to learn about how to prevent spamming in cPanel. For more articles, please go to Knowledge Base.

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